Friday, July 2, 2010

Dr.Fish and Korea Fighting!

Since first hearing of the "Dr.Fish" phenomenon a few years ago, the idea has been locked in the ever-present, weirdly-grotesque-but-insanely-interesting file in my brain. It just seems to unnatural and wrong, but it IS natural and actually good for you. However, I only heard about it, so getting my feet eaten was never a possibility. 
Until SPAVIS. 
They had three jacuzzi-sized pools of the little guys, a freshwater breed from Turkey that feed on dead human skin cells. They supposedly give one hellofa pedicure, and can cure skin ailments like psoriasis. At the spa, you can submerge yourself in for only 6000Won.. less that $6. One woman was completely under except for mouth nose and eyes, and a fish was going at her chin. I didn't participate that day, but once I got back home I found a place in Osan that offered it. "Dr.Fish," the sign says. 4000Won. Jade and I took the plunge.
Once we took a seat on the ledge, the fish saw us and clustered directly below our toes. They knew what was coming. Freaking. Freaky. The first 5 minutes consisted of dunking my feet, panicking, and pulling them out, often with flopping fish caught in the shallow depression where my toes meet my feet. At about ten minutes, I was able to feed them (gross) for more than a minute at a time, and after ten, it actually started to feel pretty cool. Like a hundred mini vibrations. There were awkward points, like the dude who kept trying to wriggle between my toes. Honestly, I can't wait to do it again.

The World Cup ended last weekend, which is pretty sad. The team spirit here is crazy - different from sports at home, I guess maybe it has something to do with the whole nation rooting for one team - everyone. I was even given off school for a game. The Korean Soccer team's color is red, devil horns are their thing, and for weeks leading up to and all throughout the WC every other Korean I saw was wearing one of the two. Most wore both. I watched the last game at the Pyeongtaek City Hall, through a sea of glowing red horns. 

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