Monday, July 27, 2009


So, Align Left
There isn't any way, that I know of, to track the actual number of blogs that exist. Wikipedia notes that as of 12/07, Technorati, a search engine that focuses specifically on the online journals, had 112.8 million listed.

Hence, my issue.

Thinking about making a blog that stands out above all the millions- I wouldn't be surprised if by now it is billions- is like a rug burn to the brain. It seems such an difficult feat it is almost impossible. So for the last few months I have been ping-ponging this problem around my brain, trying to find inspiration, purpose, the answer. During this time, blogs have been popping up around my orbit, the product of less-neurotic acquaintances. It begs the question: what is stopping me, and not the gigantic number of bloggers who tap thoughts from their keys everyday? I'm pretty sure the answer is nothing but my own mental maladjustments.

I must conclude that making a blog is not about getting noticed, or getting hits, or being first, or tenth, or hundredth. If it was, we'd all fail. Its about what all creative expression is about: the experience, the vibrations that stir dopamine out of my brain and into my blood.

So I begin, again.